"Kol 'Am Wa Antum Bkhair"  Wooden Eid Decal
"Kol 'Am Wa Antum Bkhair"  Wooden Eid Decal

"Kol 'Am Wa Antum Bkhair" Wooden Eid Decal

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This dialect is used widely in the Levant region. The translates literally to, “I wish you goodness every year.” It’s expressing your hopes that Eid will bring them “khair” (good) every year. 

A phrase said to someone on their birthday or on religious holidays like Easter, Ramadan and Eid, it translates to something akin to “With each year you’re safe/peaceful”. Of course in English there is nothing similar to this, but in Arabic it can be more common than saying Happy Birthday or Ramadan Kareem.

Product detail :

  • Laser cut wall decor
  • Can also be used as a tabletop by resting against other items over a table
  • Handcrafted
  • Ideal for decorating walls of homes, offices, restaurants and cafes
  • Highly durable

Material : Wood  Walnut

Dimensions: 11.3in. x. 11.3in

Designed, Produced & Photographed by Mariam Halabi. 

(Paragraph 1 & 2 by goarabicblog.wordpress.com & inspirationsmv.com, respectively.)



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